A wart is a small hard lump which grows on skin. Though, the wart doesn’t cause any harmful side effects, but it spreads on the entire part of skin including the genital part of human body. A virus called HPV (Human Papillomavirus) is responsible for causing warps on skin.

When the body experiences warts, it has some visible symptoms like round shaped hard lump of different size. Susceptible parts of warts are fingers, elbows, knees, face and scalp. Sometimes they attack on the sole of feet also known as plantar warts which are very painful.

Home remedies for warts

Garlic as usual is one of the best effective home remedies for treating warts. You should apply crushed cloves of garlic on the wart affected skin and cover it for some time. Keep using the remedy for sometimes until symptoms of warts start disappearing. A piece of freshly cut pineapple should be applied on the wart affected skin for some days. Within three days, the warts will disappear.

Take weed of dandelion and take out whitish milky juice out of it. Apply this milky juice on the affected skin thrice in a day. Keep this process on for few days until warts are gone from your skin.

Use castor oil in removing warts. Apply castor oil on wart affected areas and give gentle massage on it. Keep it doing twice in a day. You can also apply tea tree oil on the affected skin areas for a week. This will melt the warts completely from your skin.

Warts are not harmful for your body but symptoms of the disease make your body ugly and disgusting. Proper application of home remedy will fetch good results in removing warts and restore the former glow of skin.