Dengue is one of those diseases which, if not taken seriously, can prove to be fatal. However, if treated properly, it can b easily handled. All you need to do is undergo the treatment well in time. The very first step is to diagnose the disease. In order to be able to do so you need to be well aware of the symptoms. These include high fever, body and joint pains, redness and rashes on the skin which are sometimes accompanied by swelling. Once the disease is diagnosed, the next step is treatment.

Home remedies for treating dengue

There are a lot of natural and home remedies that can help you fight this monster without any side effects. If the fever is high then wet pads can be used. To lower the fever you should also make sure that the patient drinks a lot of water so that the water balance and blood pressure are under control. The leaf of Dhatura-an ayurvedic version of homeopathic belladonna is another remedy to reduce the seriousness of dengue fever.

To cope up with indigestion and decreased urinary output, orange juice-which is also a good source for fighting fevers can serve as a great help. It promotes antibodies for speedy recovery and provides energy and vitamins. Raw Papaya leaves can also help you keep the fever at bay. Papaya has always been a great fruit for digestive system. Because of its rich mineral and vitamin content, Papaya is a healthy option. But its dengue fighting benefits have been recently discovered. You can prepare papaya fresh juice from the papaya leaves. Just devein the fresh leaves and grind the pulpy portion into a thick paste.

Homemade recipes for dengue feverDengue- Home Remedies

Also, coriander juice proves to be highly useful in treating dengue naturally. Just crush some coriander seeds and dissolve pulp in a glass of water. Then strain and use the water for drinking. This coriander tonic will help a great deal to reduce temperature and will minimize exhaustion and fatigue.

The cold soaks and cool compresses applied to forehead or the entire body will also keep the fever down. It is highly important to keep fever in control in dengue as high fever can prove to be dangerous.

Some other effective remedies include applying Neem tonic on the body parts, consumption of kakamachi herbal syrup and basil leaves decoction. Kakamachi is the syrupy product which can be taken as cooling, soothing drink which can help to expel negative toxins like those that accumulate during dengue attack. A cup of kakamachi taken twice a day is recommended.

Chyavanprash can also be taken in dengue as it serves as a great blood purifier and immuno-booster and it increases the blood count. Then, hermal seeds in powdered form can be consumed as either a decoctin or infusion to treat the recurrent and intermittent fever that is faced in dengue. Last but not least, fenugreek leaves are also a great home remedy for treating dengue and they can be taken in the form of herbal tea to reduce the fever. This tea can serve as a cleansing and soothing tea.


Diet is another important aspect when it comes to curing dengue fever at home. Porridge, Poha and similar light food items can be taken throughout the day to curb the allaying hunger. Herbal tea can also be given.

These home remedies can be very efficient to fight dengue fever. However, it is advisable to consult a doctor for their justifiability before you practice them.