As no anti viral drug or vaccine is available to prevent or treat Chikungunya, relief from the symptoms is only option available. There are some effective and useful home remedies for Chikungunya that can help to relieve the pain and the symptoms faced by patients. Chikungunya is also called as Sanghi Jwara that means pain in the joints. This is indeed the main symptom and problem faced when a person suffers from Chikungunya disease. The pain is sometimes unbearable and worst thing is the pain remains for Months and years may be, if not treated properly on time.

Chikungunya Home Remedies

There are certain things which you can do to reduce the effect of Chikungunya like  Eating the raw carrots is useful to increase resistance of the immune system and helps the patient. It even protects the patients from any complications like joint pains and aches.




Coconut water

A person suffering from chikungunya should huge amounts of coconut water. It serves as the best natural and home remedy that is available to get relief from the disease. Coconut water not just cures this illness it even helps the people to recover at a fast rate. The coconut water is highly useful for liver and it detoxifies liver thereby proving to be helpful in easy and quick recovery from the pains.



Grapes when takes with some cow milk offers relief from some symptoms of the disease. Ensure that the grapes that you use are dry and seedless.


Application of the garlic or clove oil paste with some pepper can be useful for the painful joints.


Some fruits like plantains and apples are really nice but the cold fruits like watermelons and oranges should be avoided.

Tulsi: The tulsi leaves when give to the Chikungunya patient can help to reduce fever and thus offer positive impact on his or her immunity.

By roper care & Such easy home remedies you can recover from it easily & in much less time.