Sinus is one of the most commonly occurred diseases of the world. The disease is caused by an infection in a cavity of bone which is very close to nose. When the cavity in the bone gets swollen due to infection, it results sinusitis with symptoms like headache, snotty nose and fever. Though the sinus has no permanent cure medically, however, there are certain home remedies which help minimizing the symptoms of sinus.

A good home remedy of sinus is inhaling steam vapor. You simply need to bow your head over the bowl containing hot water. Inhale the vapor coming out of the hot water with might. Keep this task on for at least 3 minutes. The process will dilute the thick mucus blocking the free flow of nasal breathing function.

Garlic is said to have anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties that are very effective natural cure for sinus. Since sinus is caused by fungal and bacterial attacks, use of garlic juice or garlic capsules could be a good home remedy for treating sinus infection.

Certain food intakes are said to cause food allergy which aggravate sinus condition. For chronic sinus patients, some foods such as chicken, eggs, wheat, chocolate, banana and dairy products should not be eaten as they cause food allergy which worsen sinus condition. The patient should get medical diagnosis done by medical experts to make sure which food causes allergic reaction to sinus.

Though, sinus doesn’t have any medical cure, but using home remedies will certainly relieve the patients from sinus. They should have patience and follow regular dose of home remedies.