Nothing can make a smile more amazing than white teeth. But with faulty eating habits, our teeth suffer from yellowing. It is in fact the result of destroyed enamel of our tooth. It takes place because of poor oral care, excessive alcohol and smoking. When this enamel is destroyed, the teeth become sensitive to the food stains and that makes the teeth yellow in color.

Baking soda helps

You can certainly take resort to the natural and effective home remedies for yellow teeth in order to have shining bright and healthy teeth. Using the baking soda is a great home remedy for yellow teeth. You can mix baking soda with warm water in a glass and then gargle this mixture. After spitting the water out, scrub the teeth very lightly to have sparkling white teeth.

Some useful home remedies for yellow teeth

Also, scrubbing the teeth using orange rind is even a great home remedy. In earlier years, people used some charcoal to clean the teeth. Charcoal has strong crystal based chemical that leads to teeth whitening. You can even mix together charcoal with your toothpaste in order to say goodbye to the yellow stains.

Strawberries are also the teeth whitening agents. All you need to do is to just rub the strawberries on teeth in order to remove the teeth stains. Further, in the salad, include some lettuce leafs. Eating the leaves and juice is great for one’s oral health and does not allow staining the teeth with the color left by food items you eat.

Then, orange peel serves to be a great remedy too. Just massage fair part of the orange peel on your teeth. This is the rich source of vitamin c and calcium that keeps the teeth strong, white in color and healthy. More so, salt proves to be an amazing home remedy for yellow teeth as well. You can easily use salt while brushing the teeth. Even more, you can mix salt, water and baking soda together. As salt is rough, it may cause pain in the mouth or damaged enamel, so use it wisely.

Last but not least, some salt with few drops lemon juice can be applied to teeth and left on them for sometime so that the mixture can remove tartar from the teeth and can lighten the teeth tint. So, using these home remedies can prove to be a great way to have white, bright teeth.