Herpes is a highly contagious infection. It is caused by a virus called simplex herpes virus or herpes simplex virus. There are basically two types of herpes- oral herpes which causes cold sores or fever blisters around the mouth. The other is known as genital herpes and it causes blisters or sores below the waist line.  It is usually transmitted sexually. Let us now know in detail what actually causes herpes, its common symptoms and how to treat herpes with homemade ways.

The simplex virus enters the body through indirect or direct contact with infected person. The virus not just causes herpes but various other diseases as well like chickenpox, cancer and brain infection. In case of men, herpes emerges on buttocks, penis, thighs, anus and scrotum. While in women, the blisters appear on vaginal areas, external genitals, anus, cervix and buttocks. Using natural home remedies, you can minimize the problems caused by herpes.

Home Remedies Herpes

Symptoms of Herpes

Some of the herpes symptoms are painful sores, flu-like symptoms, fever, swollen glands etc. The herpes treatment can be done using home remedies too.

Home Remedies for Herpes

  • One of the effective home remedies for herpes is to rub ice on the affected area for a few minutes. It gives quick results.
  • Use residue of black coffee and apply it on the area.
  • Put some baking powder over a cotton piece and cover the infected area with it. This is helpful intreating herpes.
  • Take some baking powder and pat a cotton ball with it over the infected area. This is a verypopular home remedy for herpes.
  • Grate a carrot and wrap it in a cloth. Apply this on the blisters. It decreases the swelling and the pain too.
  • Dip a tea bag in hot water and apply this when warm to the blisters for half an hour.
  • Apply Aloe Vera gel on the infected area. This soothes the pain.

More homemade remedies for curing herpes

Apart from all home remedies mentioned above, even lemon balm serves to be the most effective homemade remedy for treating herpes. The lemon balm has phenolic acid, rosmarinic acid and flavonoids that help to heal the blisters or sores. Even the natural oils are very useful in relieving herpes itching and pain. Jojoba, olive, tea tree, calendula, camellia and Vitamin E are known to fight against herpes virus. Just apply the natural oil or some oils on affected regions gently. This will greatly help in healing the affected skin.

Herpes is a very painful infection. So the next time you get these little blisters on your body, try the instant relief options  and home remedies for herpes first. Last but not least, understanding the fact that outbreaks frequently take place during stress, diseases, fatigue and physical trauma is very important. Thus, taking good care of yourself both emotionally and physically during these times will help to reduce the outbreaks frequency to a great extent.