Sometimes the urinary zone of human being has accumulation of bacterial agents that makes an entrance to the urethra and starts their reproduction in the urinary tract or zonal part of the human being. Consequently, their reproduction in the urinal zonal part causes infection in the urinary tract which is known as urinary tract infection. Patient of the disease has acute painful condition which sometimes becomes worse when the infection makes their way to the kidneys. When the urethra gets infected by the bacterial agents it develops cystitis which is a dangerous disease mostly suffered by women.

Patients affected with urinary tract infection have some serous infections like burning sensation in the urinal tract which sometimes causes blood flow through urination process. Other symptoms of the disease are fever, vomiting followed by acute painful condition all around the body. Having backache and pain below the ribs are common occurrence of the disease.

Unsafe sexual intercourse with affected women, having sex with multi-partners and suppressing the desire of urinations are some chief causes of urinary tract infection.

Home remedy of urinary tract infection:-

Baking Soda: – Add half teaspoonful of baking soda in eight ounce glass of water when you are experiencing UTI. This maintains the acidity balance of the acidic urine.

Cranberry Juice: – It has great healing property which prevents bacterial agents from sticking to the urinal cell. Thus, the patient gets tremendous relief from the disease.

Fluid Intake: – Consumption of ample quantity of water maintains good flow of urination. This way, it washes off unwanted substance inside the urinal part and keeps it neat and clean.

Aromatherapy: – Take some natural herbs like sandalwood, bergamot, tea tree, frankincense and juniper and make oil out of them. Apply the oil on the bladder area for 4 days continuously. It will relieve the patient from the UTI in due course of time.

In summary, urinary tract infection is a dangerous disease but proper follow-ups of natural home remedies mentioned above will help patients fight against the malady.