Athlete’s foot is a skin disorder generally caused by fungus attack. During the onset of athlete’s foot, the skin of the foot experiences some medical symptoms such as inflammations, red and white skin with cracks, cuts and blisters. The patients also feel itching, burning and stinging sensation on the affected area. Mostly the toe is vulnerable area for the attack of athlete’s foot but it may occur anywhere around the foot.

The fungus responsible for athlete’s foot resides in dead skin left by the foot and thrives in moisture places such as locker rooms and indoor swimming pools.

Some factors such as unhygienic food intake, fungal infection and keeping the foot wet for a longer time can cause athlete’s foot disease on the body.

Since medical treatment for athlete’s foot may be expensive, those looking for cheaper but effective medications can find home remedies for athlete’s foot constructive and effective.

Since fungus responsible for athlete’s foot thrives in wet area, you should keep your food dry and for this you can use cotton socks or any running socks that soaks in watery element. Make sure that you change your socks occasionally and wash it for next use.

A natural remedy such as tea tree oil and its application to the affected area for three times in day is said to be effective to cure athlete’s foot. Tea tree oil contains anti-fungal property and its constant use over 3 weeks has remarkable effect on athlete’s foot.

Extracted seeds of grapefruits contain anti-fungal property and its constant use three times in a day for 3 days will remove the athlete’s foot.