Bee stings are such a painful ordeal experienced by body that follows swelling and inflammation on the affected area. Though, there is no dearth of over the counter treatment for bee stings, but for getting instant relief, you can also follow some home remedies tips in this regard. You will surely get the relief.

Mixture of baking soda with vinegar makes a thick paste which application on the affected area reduces swelling sensation. After leaving the paste on the wound for sometime makes a thick crusted layer on the wound that forms a protective layer on it and subsequently helps your wound heal quickly.

If you have toothpaste, apply it on the affected area. The cooling touch of toothpaste gives instant relief of burning sensation caused by the bee stings. You can also make a paste with a mixture by using meat tenderizer and some water. Apply it on the affected area and see the quick relief from bee stings.

Onion is also said to be effective for curing bee stings. Traditionally, a slice of onion is being used to cure bee stings by applying it on the part of body stung by the bee.

You can also get a temporarily relief off bee stings by applying ice on the affected area. Though, the ice won’t cure inflammation and swelling caused by bee stings, it can however numb the affected part so that you could not feel burning sensation.