Poison ivy is one of the many allergic plants that are widely found in North America. Coming in contact with these plants might cause allergies and skin problems of various kinds. Though the allergies are not life-haring, but they cause immense discomfort and suffering for the infected person.

Symptoms of allergies from poison ivy

Open skin areas are more prone to allergies from poison ivy. The symptoms of allergy from poison ivy might develop instantly or might take seven to ten days. The affected area develops rashes and the skin becomes red with incessant irritation and scratching. Nothing seems to be comforting at this stage. Blisters and swelling on the skin might also take place.

Easy home remedies to fight poison ivy

There are many homely remedies available that can reduce the irritation and the scratching from poison ivy. A little relief can be got from the harsh situation. Some other methods are as follows:

  • Aloe vera juice on the affected area will have a cooling effect on the skin and can bring a little relief.
  • Running cold water is also a way to stop itching from poison ivy. Place the affected area under running water and soothe the skin.
  • Rubbing table salt on the infected area will not only provide relief to the person but will also prevent further spread of the infection.
  • 3 cups of oats soaked in warm water can bring some relief to the person affected with poison ivy. The infected area has to be soaked in the mixture, thus reducing itching.
  • Bleach mixed with water can be rubbed on the area with a washcloth. The poison of the plant goes away in 2-3 days.