Skin benefits of orange

Orange is known to provide several benefits to people. This is a citrus family fruit rich in Vitamin C. Orange is said to have toning and astringent properties and is very good fruit for improving your skin texture and complexion. Besides these benefits, orange is also helpful in preventing skin aging and helps in firming of skin as well. Following are the skin benefits of orange:

If you want to lighten and tighten your skin, use orange peels on your skin. Rub fresh peels f orange on your skin for greater benefits.

You can use dry, crushed orange peels as orange scrub on your skin for greater benefits.grey Skin benefits of orange

For instant glow on skin and reducing the blemishes of your skin, use the orange scrub that you made from dried crushed peels with milk or its cream.

For firmer and glowing skin, put boiling water on the orange peels and let it remain as it is for a day. Store this liquid in the refrigerator and use it on your face with the cotton swab. The same liquid can be used as bathing water for a fresher and cleaner skin. It can also be used as face mask. Besides skin benefits, this liquid is also very helpful for shining hair and removing dandruff.

Orange is also a very helpful fruit for warding off fatigue or tiredness. Juice of two oranges can be stored as ice cubes. By rubbing these orange juice cubes on your face, you will feel refresh and rejuvenated once again.

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