Losing weight is not that easy as it seems to be. Dietary supplements like Sensa will often be used to cut cravings, but sometimes it isn’t enough. It is very important to make a clear plan of the exercise regimen so that optimum benefits are got out of the weight losing exercises. Many people think that exercising any time will help in reducing weight. But that is not the case. A proper regimen needs to be followed for the same.

Weight loss exercise programs

  • The first thing that is to be kept in consideration in weight loss exercise programs is about the diet. The diet should be proper, in adequate amount and on proper time. Crash dieting is never a recommendable way to lose weight.


weight loss exercise plan

  • Increase the duration and the pace of exercise with time. In the initial stages, exercise for about 10 minutes on all days of the week or exercise for 20 minutes on alternate days. Do a little warm up by walking before the exercise.


  • The next stage begins with warm up and stretching exercises. You can then start a power walk that will last for 5 minutes and then a slow walk that will be for about 2 minutes. The walk is repeated. It is mandatory to do a warm down exercise before completing a weight loss exercise program.


  •  The duration and distance of the walk will increase with each level. Many people have a tendency to lessen their levels of activity thinking that they have done exercises for the day. But the daily activities should never be stopped.