The greatest problem faced by the skin during monsoons is the fungal infection. As the fungus is actually born in wet and humid conditions, it grows with ease and enters one’s skin through the pores. Because of this, people face circular, itchy, flaking and reddish patches on body, around breast and underarms.

Oily looking and dull skin is another problem that is faced during monsoons. Monsoons even affect the oily skin type through causing the over hydrating effect. And then, it becomes essential to safeguard the skin through using right type of moisturizer. You can easily use the moisturizer for oily skin type that includes strawberry extracts, orange pulp, juice or rose water.

Monsoon makeup

Tips for skin care during monsoons:

It is best to avoid the heavy foundations and moisturizers for your make up. Use light mousse or matte compact along with a few calamine lotion drops as the makeup base.

Remember that you nourish the skin by consuming salads that are blanched in the boiling water in order to make the vegetables disinfected. Vegetable soups when consumed on a daily basis can also keep you healthy and your skin glowing.

Home pedicure is another tip that you can use for your skin care during monsoons. This can consist of soaking the feet in water that is lukewarm and adding 3 to 4 drops Dettol or Savlon. After this, you can cleanse the inside of your nails using orange stick with hydrogen peroxide on it and then at last, scrubbing your feet with the foot scrapper. When the pedicure is over, use some glycerin based lotion or moisturizer.

Last but not least, it is best to invest in a quality skin care treatment from a reputed skin clinic. A professional skin expert will be able to help you choose the best skin care treatment for monsoons.