Skin related problems are extremely painful and are very irritating. Eruption of a boil might appear harmless to many, but those who have experienced it know exactly how irritating and annoying it is to have one. Boils are easy to cure at home and can be taken care pf very easily. And we bring to you some easy home remedies to get rid of a boil.

If a boil occurs on your face your first step should be to keep it clean with an antibacterial soap of good quality andclean it at least twice a day. Using an anti bacterial soap can reduce the probability of infection caused by the boil, in case it bursts out. Clean the infected area properly and after doing it follow the simple steps.

– Boil a chopped onion in some water. Once the onion cools down, apply it directly on the infected area or on the boil. In order to keep the onions in place use gauze to wrap it on the boil. Remove the gauze from the boil after sometime and the pain by now is less.

–  If you do not want to apply onion then try another home remedy. Apply some Ichthammol ointment, reduces the pain and the boil heals fast.Ichthammol ointment consist of sulfonated shale oil and various other ingredients such as petroleum as well as lanolin. It brings the boil head easily and quickly.

– once you get the boil to a head by following any of the above mentioned remedies, just squeeze out the pus from the boil and just clean it with the help of cotton.

Hopefully boils won’t cause much of a problem for you now.