The vacuum blackhead remover serves to help you by getting rid of the ugly looking blackheads with great ease without causing any hassle or pain. It can be simply performed by setting the vacuum blackhead head atop the blackhead region and then let it automatically suck out your blackhead. The vacuum blackhead instrument has been specially made to take out main root where your blackhead originates from so that the blackheads do not pop up in future as well. Also, using the vacuum blackhead is useful as it does not provide any marks on the region treated and this is the main reason because of which a large number of people take this blackhead remover to be useful.

A large number of people know what the blackheads actually are and wish to get rid of them as soon as possible. In various cases, it seems like people just squeeze the blackheads to get rid of them quickly. But there is a huge problem by doing so. When you squeeze the blackhead, your skin pores are damaged and this ultimately leads to permanent scarring. Even the bacteria can squeeze out of the skin that can make infection on the area. It is thus important to utilize proper blackhead remover like the vacuum.

In case the remover is utilized in its proper way, it can actually be helpful to dispose of spots without even making all hassle that the other blackhead removal treatments bring. The blackhead vacuum remover is also by far the safest tool to use than the blackhead squeeze technique. Now Check the Step by Step Guide to Use a Vacuum Blackhead Remover.

Step By Step Guide to Remove Blackhead Using Vacuum Blackhead Remover

Step 1blackhead-remover

First of all you need to clean your blackheads to open pores, for that simply take bath or take a small towel and hold it under warm water, Squeeze out the extra water and rub your blackheads softly with that to open the pores for suction.


Step 2

Apply exfoliating scrub that contains alpha hydroxy acids to remove some dead skins &  to remove dirt & oil. Have a small amount on your fingertips & apply on damp skin, scrub it on your face before washing it with Lukewarm water.


Step 3

Now it’s time to clean your hands & you should also clean nozzle of the suction machine with any good antibiotic shop before using it. This way you can avoid any infection or bacteria.

Step 4

Now learn how to use the Vacuum Blackhead Remover, simply put center of the nozzle on the affected pore. Make sure you can see the blackhead through the nozzle. Keep holding the nozzle but don’t press it downward, now switch the suction on. You will feel little pain & slight pulling sensation on your blackhead affected area. Keep the vacuum process continue till it finish, it will stop automatically when done.


Step 5

You can now remove the nozzle & Check your blackhead if it’s gone, clean the instruments & keep it for next use safely. If you don’t find blackhead remove properly, try the above given step 6 properly again.

Step 6

Clean your face with some good face wash.

This is the process to remove blackhead with vacuum blackhead remover, if you still feel problem, contact with your dermatologist for proper check-up.