Is it again the time when monsoons irritate you and make you worry about your skin? On one hand, there is the relief that temperature will be down but on the other, there are tensions of best ways to take good care of your skin during the rainy and humid season. In case you are beauty conscious, it is better to take some simple tips and precautions and save yourself from trouble of bad skin in the monsoons.

Fungal infections

The biggest problem seen is that of fungal infections during the monsoons. As the fungus is born in wet and humid season, it grows easily and then enters one’s skin through the wet pores. And as a consequence, there is development of reddish, circular, itchy and flaking patches on whole body including underarms and breast.

There are indeed some useful ways that can help to avoid the fungal infections. These include washing the feet with hot water and soap after wading through water and then drying them completely and using huge amount of dusting talcum to avoid sweat or moisture accumulation in the skin folds. Also, when you get seated at the desk, take the socks and shoes off to permit proper air circulation around the feet. Better wear floaters and sandals if possible.

Tips for skin care during monsoons

Oily looking and dull skin is yet another problem that can be faced during monsoons. The monsoons even affect the oily skin through causing over hydrating over it. And so it actually becomes necessary to protect oily skin through using right type of moisturizer. You can even utilize the moisturizer for skin that has strawberry extracts, orange juice and rose water.

There are further some skin care tips on how to keep the complexion glowing during wet season. These are avoiding heavy make up and oily foundations. Better make use of the matte compact or light mousse or some calamine to serve as the makeup base.

Furthermore, using the face scrub is great for exfoliation. Using the skin brightening toner every time when you wash the face is good to close pores and thus restore the Ph balance of your skin. Last but not least, washing the face with products that have fruit extracts like orange, strawberry helps to keep the skin fresh and smooth. Use these daily in order to keep the excessive moisture and oiliness at bay from your skin in the monsoons.

By following these tips, you can welcome monsoons with a wide smile.