Hands are mostly used to do various works all through the day. So it is highly essential to not just safeguard the hands but also make the nails more presentable and beautiful– i.e. by using a good nail enamel or polish. By opting for colored glaze on the nails, you can not just make them colorful, but the paint also protects the nails from any severe damage.  nail_art_fashion_11

There is development in the making of nail enamels from just a solution that the ancient Chinese used; the polishes are nowadays made from various solvent thereby making them colorless and later adding some range of tincture. But because of the solvents life of the nail enamel only lasts for a year before it become thick and the user ends up losing the favorite enamel shade. It is important to ensure the ways on how one can prolong the overall time of the nail polish.  

It is good to store the nail polish at cool place as the warmed spaces affect the color of the polish and cause it to break up. Make certain that the polishes are duly piled up in some standing position thereby preventing the enamel to fragment. Refrigerators are not just for preserving food items; it can even serve to be a great storage location for the nail enamels. Doing so may contribute in preserving the favorite enamel.  

Also ensure to clean the some of your enamel above its bottle so that you can use it for longer times. Avoiding the air to come into it can make the polish to dry out. Clear or classic nail paint shades are good choices for the casual and daily wear. But the light shades like brown goes well with most skins. The fair looking hands may have any shade and can go wild with the bright tomato reds and deepest of blacks.