Ensuring that you nails remain clean and healthy is important and a very good habit too. Besides fingernails, you should also keep your foot nails clean and healthy. Teens are usually too concerned about such habits and it is a very good sign too. So show can teens maintain healthy and clean nails? Let us find out some useful tips.


The best way to keep the nail clean is obviously through manicure. Now, you should know that it is a vast field and is also applicable for all people, kids, teens or adults. Hence, you should always ask your beautician about the best manicure for the teens. Make sure, you also read enough about the products that should be used because the major difference is that of products.

Nail care

Trim your nails regularly

If you cannot afford manicure or don’t want to go for it at this age, its okay! Most of the parents can help teens in getting the manicure. Make sure you trim your nails regularly and keep the dirt out of your nails. Trimming nails and giving them proper shape will make the nails good for later stages too.

Clean your nails

While you trim your nails, make sure you should also keep them clean. Wash your hands properly after trimming the nails and try to clean the nails properly so that the dirt moves out. Dirt can be the major cause of infection.

By adopting all such methods, you can keep your nails clean, infection-free and tidy. These are some of the best nail care for the teens.