Sore throat is a common illness. Most times, this soreness can become worst in the morning time and can improve with the passing of day. Sore throat is the symptom of various medical and health problems. Infections cause mainly the symptoms behind sore throat and are really contagious. These infections can be caused due to some virus like common cold, flu and mononucleosis or through bacteria like mycoplasma, hemophilus or strep. Most of these sore throats are caused due to the virus and can go away by its own in a week’s time. Only a little percentage of these infections is bacterial and requires proper medical attention. The bacterial infections are also treated using antibiotics.  300_21865

Strep throat serves to be a basic bacterial cause of having sore throat. As strep throat may occasionally result in rheumatic fever, the antibiotics are recommended. Strep throat sometimes incorporates fever, swollen lymph glands and white draining throat patches. Children can have stomach pain and headache as well while suffering from sore throat.  

Sore throat also accompanies other viral problems like chicken pox, croup, whopping cough and measles. Also, the canker sores as well as fever blisters in one’s throat can prove to be really painful. This illness of sore throat is very common among the teenagers and children between the age group of 5 to 15 years. The problem is a situation where the pharynx or backside of the throat gets fully inflamed. The sore throats generally come with attack of influenza or sever cold. Ten percent of these sore throats occur as a result of strep infection in the throat that is caused mainly by the A group streptococcus bacteria. Indeed, sore throat is even related with painful experience in one’s throat that can make swallowing of food a difficult task.  

So, as soon as you see sore throat taking place, it is better to get it treated.