Nail art has actually driven a large number of women crazy in this present world. This stylish and hottest fashion trend includes a large variety of designs and patterns to be used on the nails and thus requires a large amount of creativity as well as imagination. The very first thing which needs to be taken into due consideration is the cleansing of one’s nails. Manicure not just makes the fingers and nails look more appealing, it even mirrors the personal hygiene of an individual.  nail-art-001

There are a large variety of nail accessories available in the market that can be utilized to make the nails more attractive. Some of the popular nail accessories include: 

Nail stickers- All you need to do is to just remove the stick on and then securely stick it on the nails.  

Stars and dots- These are the trendy and amazing accessories that are easily available in a wide range of nail stickers or nail paints.  

Nail stripes- The user needs to peel and put the nail stripe in order to get the design stuck on the nail.  

Stones- The beads and stones can be easily added to nails in order to add some flavor of grace to the nail design and polish.  

Water marbling– It is a basic nail accessory that is admired and demanded by many a women these days. All you need is to fill a cup with water thereby putting in the preferred paint colors in this water; a beautiful marble design with toothpick can be created in short while. Then dip the nails inside this water and later remove the nails from water bowl to see attractive nail marbling results.  

Even though the nail designs are mostly preferred by women for some special events, there are others as well who wish to flaunt their great nail styles in daily lives. Multicolored nails, hearts, flowers and French manicure are some of well known nail styles that fascinate almost every woman.