A large number of parents seem to be tensed about the moment they see their infants developing skin rashes. Infant rashes are most common and are generally non contagious that can be treated easily. Other basic kinds of skin rashes like Erythema Toxicum and Pink Pimples do not actually need nay particular type of treatment to cure. These rashes just go away with passage of time. The diaper rashes are a general skin problem that is suffered by almost every single infant. Friction, allergens, irritants, diarrhea and wetness are the some basic causes that can contribute in development of diaper rash to the infants.


These infant diaper rashes occur mostly between the time periods of 8 to 10 months and appear when the infant is on antibiotics, producing loose stools and on very first phase of weaning. The symptoms of causing diaper rashes can vary and differs from one child to another. The three basic kinds of diaper rashes include allergin diaper rash, seborrheic diaper rash and friction diaper rash.


The seborrheic diaper rashes affect the baby’s skin folds in groin area and can even appear on their face, neck or scalp. This rash is generally pink in color. The friction rash on the other hand affects every single baby and is commonly found in regions where there is lot of friction like under elastics of the diaper or inner thighs. This kind of a skin rash is basically shiny and red. The allergin rash is commonly found in the exposed regions and looks like the poison oak.


The diaper rashes may be treated easily with timely diaper changes, shielding creams and lotions and giving the baby’s skin enough space to breathe. Ensure that the diaper is not too short or tight to fit the infant. So, it is wise to have proper care for your child to avoid any rashes.