Blackheads affect a large number of people every single year. Blackheads serves to be one of the most suffered type of pimples which many a people with the problem of acne experience. Blackhead pimples are generally the pimples with semi clogged sebum, the oily substance which is usually filled with bacteria. The blackhead pimples consist of bacteria, dead skin and sebum. When one cleans the blackhead pimple, it is wise that one cleans out the entire pore without spreading this bacterium around the entire face. The sebum and bacteria can cause face and other parts to become infected or clogged and blemishes or pimples to be formed.



Caring for the blackheads is generally easy. Most of the times, blackheads are associated with moderate or minor types of acne. Many a people believe that blackhead pimple is the main cause of dust clogging pores in the skin, the fact of matter is that blackheads are caused by skin pigmentation. Cleaning one’s face twice per day with mild antibacterial soap is very important. In case you face has the severe or moderate acne, it is wise to consult the dermatologist. But a small amount of pimples on the face can be easily treated with various home made remedies. Many of these remedies consist of using the anti bacterial solutions as well as lotions which clean the skin and incorporate specific kinds of acid which can help rid the face pimples.


In order to care for blackheads, it is easy to mix three iodine drops with Epsom salt in a quarter cup of the boiling water. Wait for sometime till this solution completely cools down. Then apply the solution on blackheads with using a clean cotton ball. What is experienced is the loosening of blackheads that can later be squeezed out easily with the use of a gauze pad.