Down’s syndrome is a weird condition which results in a child to be born with an additional genetic material. A lot of children every year almost, are born with this serious condition. The additional genetic part in the body of a child makes it grow differently in its mother’s womb. Generally this unusual development of the fetus starts at the very initial stage of the cell division that begins right after conception. Unfortunately, till date there is no proper reason to be found causing such an extra ordinary condition. In fact there is no proper treatment for this kind of downs syndrome.

There can be three different forms of this medical condition. Firstly, there is Trisomy where a child is born with more than the desired chromosome count. Secondly, Translocation is also a form of this syndrome. This generally takes place when some part of the chromosome 21 is broken and gets attached to other chromosome which causes a change in the genetic order. Lastly, there is another form of downs syndrome known as Mosaicism. This is the most uncommon form of this condition. In which some cells have 46 chromosomes while others have 47 chromosomes in the formation of embryo. This kind of alternating pattern is called the Mosaicism. Those who are affected with the Mosaicism form of downs syndrome, are supposed to be in a better position than those suffering from the other two forms that cause more physical and developmental disorder. At the time of birth or right after that the child having such disorder should be properly diagnosed and treated by the doctor.