Marriage is probably one of the biggest days in the life of two people. The bride definitely wants to look her best on this special occasion. Here are some simple bridal make up tips that can get the bride the perfect look for the event:

Base for bridal makeup

A proper base has to be created for a good makeup. After a proper face wash, it is good to use some light moisturizer. This will help to have a smooth skin. Then a proper foundation and concealer has to be used. Make sure to choose the correct tone of the foundation. Apply the foundation to all the exposed areas like the neck and hands so that two tones are not visible.

bridal Makeup Tips

Complement the make up with the bridal outfit

The eye and lip makeup should be in sync with the dress of the bride. If the bride is wearing lighter dress shades, the eye and lip makeup should complement the dress. Shades of maroon and bronze look good with light colored dresses.

For the eyes, use a concealer to cover any fine lines. Line your eyes with a pencil liner from one corner to the other. Next apply a suitable eye shadow, but make sure that it is not overdone as that might spoil the makeup. Use mascara for the lashes and a nice pencil for the eyebrows.

For the lips, it is best to line the lip first with a lip liner in the shade of the lipstick you are about to apply. Begin lining from the center of the lips to the outer direction. Now fill in the lips with the lipstick. You can apply a coat of gloss for that shiny effect.