Itchy scalp is one of the most common problems that can be caused due to various factors. It is extremely important to determine the exact cause of this condition in order to decide the course of treatment for the same.

Itchy scalp is likely to be caused due to various reasons that can be diagnosed by the nature of the itchiness, scaling, duration, severity and the extent of scaling and rashes present on the scalp. Often times, the condition has been associated with heredity, and therefore it is imperative to take into account the history of the family and medical conditions as well.

The Causes

Some of the most common causes of scalp itchiness are dry scalp, oily scalp, dandruff, scalp psoriasis, head liceinfestation, contact dermatitis, tinea amiantacea, hair follicle inflammation and other such medical conditions. Although it might very difficult for you to understand these causes, these are very complicated skin conditions that can lead to an itchy scalp and even hair loss in the future.

Dry scalp is the most underrated itchy scalp cause. But it is one such condition that can contribute to itching and scaling of the scalp. It is usually caused due to harsh chemical based shampoos, hair gels and lotions containing alcohol and frequent hair washing. Dryness of the scalp also leads to hair loss.

Similarly, an oily scalp can also provoke itching and scaling. Excessive sebum on the scalp can cause acne and pimples that tend to burst out and cause itchiness.

Dandruff is yet another prominent cause of itchy scalp. Triggered by yeast infection, dandruff can cause mild to moderate itching, with scaling all over the scalp.

Psoriasis has also been a contributing cause of itchy scalp. It is characterized by thick scales with plaques scattered all over the scalp. It is an extremely itchy condition.

Having head lice also leads to itching. Although it is not directly related to the scalp, these tiny worms can affect the scalp very badly to cause itching and overall discomfort.

There could be various other causes of the condition that can be understood by a dermatologist.


While there are various natural and chemical based treatments for itchy scalp, there are only a few that seem to work dramatically to improve the condition. Characterized by various symptoms that are often embarrassing in public, the problems with an itchy scalp are best treated by maintaining hygiene. Washing hair from time to time, using natural shampoos containing thyme, sage extract, zinc, budrock and other natural ingredients are the best for your scalp. Rather than using medicated shampoos that contain heavy chemicals and tars, it is better to use natural ingredients to take care of your scalp.

Finding natural itchy scalp treatment should not be a problem. If you know the correct ingredients that help in curing an itchy scalp, you can surely find a product that will eliminate this nagging problem from your life forever.

Itchy scalp will not be a problem for you any longer if you can find the ultimate natural solution!! Keep your scalp clean and eat healthy to improve the condition.