Zone diet is one of the most popular diet plans that most of celebrities currently use. This diet plan works by not increasing the blood sugar levels of human body. It recommends a balanced amount of high protein, low carbohydrate and high fat foods. This helps people to stay in zone throughout the day. It sounds great in people of all body structures. It is very interesting and surprising task to cut out the rice, cereals, potatoes, noodles, pasta, muffins, bagels, bread and other sugary foods. Zone diet is created by Barry Sears who suggests having a balanced diet of 40:30:30. That is 40% carbohydrates, 30% fat and 30% protein. Check the full Zone Diet Review here.

Zone Diet review

It is tested and proved that Zone diet can lose up to 3-5 pounds in the first two weeks which will be followed by 1-1.5 pounds a week thereafter. Studies and results reveal impressive results about Zone diet that includes;

  • Immediate weight loss
  • Increase in the levels of HDL
  • Improvement in the level of indices of fasting insulin-sensitivity
  • Decrease in the levels of Triglyceride

Majority of studies and research on Zone diet have showed positive results in the first 6 months. It is expected to have more research on the diet plan to evaluate the results after the initial 6-month period. You can experience a noticeable slowing down in your weight loss. Though it is bit expensive, it is worth in healthy results. Try out this popular and proven diet plan to loss weight immediately and effectively.