If you suffer from the problem of arthritis, chronic pain is the general thing that you may have to face every single day. A large number of people resort to taking medications and drugs in order to relieve the pain associated with arthritis. But it has been found that yoga for arthritis is a great way that not just helps to relieve the pain but even offers other benefits.

How yoga helps?

Yoga for arthritis does not require you to bend down into pretzel and do tough yoga poses. Self awareness and breathing is the core and even breathing and standing up is a great yoga pose known as Mountain Pose and that helps to relieve the arthritis pain to a great extent. This pose requires you to stand up and bring the body in proper alignment for some time. The pose further helps to have a nice posture and this makes the pain linked with arthritis go in no time.

Yoga for arthritis

Yoga for arthritis even helps to improve the circulation of blood in the joints and to remove the unneeded toxins and waste items. It is a wrong notion that if arthritis patients will do some exercising or yoga, they can further damage their joints. It has been found and proved that yoga is a great way to keep arthritis pain and discomfort at bay.

Yoga poses

There are some yoga poses or mudras that can be used like the vayu mudra. For this, you need to fold your index finger on pad of the thumb and then press the finger through your thumb. The mudra helps a lot to control arthritis pain like muscular pain, joint pain, joint swelling and numbness.

Hands and wrists are most affected parts of the body when it comes to arthritis. It is thus wise to keep the joints flexible through yoga and flexing, bending exercises. Even the ankle joints can be easily exercised with the help of flexing and simple rotations.

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