So, women, it is wise to know what your man actually hates about you in bed in order to have a better and strong sexual life. In fact, there are various things that men hate in bed and it is therefore important to avoid all such things to lead a happy and pleasurable sex life.

It has been noted that while doing sex, many a women does not feel like doing anything. They just lie down like a deadHow to Please your man in bed body and expect all the work to be done by their partners. This is one of the worst things that a woman can do; remember that a man hates it. Women should, in fact, move and make her man feel comfortable by loving him all over his body. If the women seem to be lying dead, the man can face sexual problems as well and feel a bit irritated.

There are some women as well who think that all the control in bed should be taken by the man. It is absolutely wrong as women should also take some control while indulging in sexual activities. Show your partner how erotic and sexy you are and try to rule him in bed. He will surely love your seductress acts and add more passion to your love making. Also, it is assured that such a kind of acts by the woman helps in making the man excited and sexually passionate.

In addition, almost every lady would agree with the fact that she loves to be kissed by her partner. Same is the case with men as well. They even like to be kissed all on his body with the soft and moist lips of his beloved. These kisses actually drive a man crazy. If you really wish to satisfy your man in bed, try biting his ears, licking his lips and teasing him and add that extra oomph and zing in your sexual life.