Swine Virus causing the Swine flu or swine influenza in human being is a kind of virus that is common in pigs (also called as swine). It is rare for this virus to pass on to human being and is believed to happen only in cases where the person is in contact with swine. However, recently swine flu outbreak was noticed in human, which was first identified in Mexico in March 2009.swine-flu-outbreak-in-mex-001


Details About Swine Virus


The Swine flu outbreak has caused quite uproar as it has proved to be fatal in some cases. The swine virus already spread to various countries including USA, Canada, Israel, Spain and other countries. Regular reports related to the swine virus updates are being passed by WHO which has declared pandemic alert of level 4.This means that the swine virus can be passed from one person to another and this level alert also means that the situation is just a step away from being an epidemic.


The actual cause for the outbreak is still not known but it has established that eating pork is not responsible for the swine virus.


Symptoms of Swine Virus


The symptoms of swine flu are quite similar to those seen in other types of influenza. This makes it difficult to detect it or distinguish it easily. Some of the common symptoms are dizziness, vomiting, headache, lack of appetite, confusions, lethargic, sore throat, cough etc.


The different government organizations and health bodies around the world are trying to get the right vaccine for dealing with the swine influenza. Meanwhile they have issued a list of precautions that can help individuals to save themselves from the swine virus.