If you have faced reddish, thick and scaly skin patches, you might be suffering from the skin problem of psoriasis. But it is wise to know what psoriasis actually is. It is actually a chronic skin disease that is common and takes place in about three percent of population. The part of skin may get affected due to psoriasis but it has been found that the most affected areas include the scalp, elbows and knees.

Even more, the problem of psoriasis is not at all contagious so one does not need to worry about an individual catching it from the sufferer. It is also believed that psoriasis is a genetic problem where the immune system is triggered mistakenly and due to this, the skin cells are generated very fast. Everyone shed skin cells constantly which are then replaced with the new ones. These new skin cells then mature in about 3 to 4 week’s time before they actually die and get replaced.

The severity behind this skin condition of psoriasis can range from one individual to another and the treatment choices also range as per the condition’s severity. For a large number of people, this psoriasis seems to be just mild with few lesions. Also, in most severe instances, these lesions actually cover huge amount of skin area and may cause burning and/or itchy feeling which can be quite frustrating. So, it is better to get the skin problem cured as soon as you see the symptoms developing. Delay in the treatment can just make the psoriasis condition worse.