Many an individual are faced with the difficulty of darker underarms and the armpit stains. These become visible during the summer time. There are actually a large number of ways to whiten the underarms, but it is crucial to try the protected and effective measures. You need to be aware of the means so that you might not harm the armpit skin. One of the basic methods of armpit whitening is the bleaching of underarms.Underarm Mask

You can have a patch test before actually applying the bleaching cream on the entire skin. Use natural or herbal bleach instead of the chemical products. If the item has hydroquinone, see if it is not more than just 2 percent. Also ensure that you strictly follow the steps of using bleach under your arms. In case there is some redness on the skin, stop using the product immediately. Never try using warm or hot water with bleaches. If the area is all bruised or burnt, do not bleach it anyway.

Bleaching the armpits to whiten the underarms is quite common these days. Armpit stains are caused due to aluminum salts which are the resultants of different deodorants and anti aspirants. These skin stains are visible in the white clothing and even during summer season.

In order to say goodbye to the armpit stains in a safe manner, apply a layer of the antiperspirant in order to clean the aluminum salts deposited under the arms. Ensure that you let your deodorant dry before wearing the clothes. Wear cotton clothes to avoid sweating. Wax your armpits regularly to remove all the dead skin cells and tanning. Apply some nice sun tan creams when you go out and wash the pits carefully with a pumice stone. You can even use the armpit whitening product like Meladerm in order to have natural results with no possible side effects. Running the lemon on underarms is also useful.