Human immunity system is indeed the most complicated yet amazing system in the human body that functions greatly to protect a human being from the invading organisms. Thus, the best way out to handle the infections is to boost the immunity system or the defense mechanism.

So, the popular ways to boost immunity system include the following:

Vitamin C

This is a fantastic natural way to boost immunity. It helps to increase the while blood cells production and even increase the interferon levels, which is the antibody which coats the cell surfaces thus preventing entry of threats and viruses. Further, Vitamin C even reduces the overall threat of facing any cardiovascular disease through the increasing levels of good cholesterol.

Green Tea

As the green tea includes alkylamines which increase the immunity of the body to fight against infections, there are several other health benefits to using green tea as well. Being a great source of antioxidants, this natural tea can even kill the cancerous cells.

Consuming right foods

In order to maintain or boost immunity system, one should try avoiding the sugary foods as well. In fact, sugar has proved to suppress one’s immunity system and so consuming the sweet items like sodas and ice creams can prove to be detrimental to your overall immunity system. it is thus better to tick to the vegetables and whole fruits, lean meats and whole grains thereby lead a healthy and strong life with a great immunity system.


Any type of exercise is useful. Even simple walking is sufficient to keep the immunity system working and boosting your metabolism. Exercises are important to boost the overall immune function as it increases the blood flow thus accelerating immune cells movement all through the body.

Essential Fatty Acids

The essential fatty acids are vital to rebuilding and production of the new cells. These fatty acids can be obtained through diet and contrary to popular notion these acids do not increase the weight. Indeed, they help people to lose weight. Thus, seeds, nuts, wild caught fish, avocados and the organic oils like hemp, olive oil, flax, walnut and borage are great sources of fatty acids.


Sulphur containing compound available in garlic makes it a strong immunity booster which stimulates multiplication of the white cells thereby increasing efficiency of the antibody production and increasing the natural killing cell activity.


It is wise to drink at least 8 glasses of water every day to keep the immunity system hydrated and thus flush away the unwanted toxins.

These are thus some simple and effective ways to boost immunity system. Generally overlooked in the busy life schedules, these simple ways can indeed increase your overall energy, boost the immunity system and offer you the much needed happiness in your life.  Just check your lifestyle choices and thus find the surefire ways to boost your immune system. When you eat the nutrient dense food items, incorporate healthy lifestyle changes and drink water on a regular basis, your immunity system will heal on its own and offer you years and years of healthy body and well being.