The increasing number of cases related to swine virus in human being is of concern to everyone. World Health Organization has recently raised the alert level to level 4, thus claiming it to be worse than the bird flu. 

At present there are no vaccinations available to combat the swine virus. But certain precautions and measures are being issued by the health bodies all around the world. Following these can help you to protect yourself from the swine flu. pig_mask__code-1

How to Protect Ourselves from Swine Virus? 

Following certain hygiene rules can help us to protect ourselves from the swine virus. It has been advised we should wash our hands frequently and especially so when we get back from outdoors. It is best to avoid touching your mouth, eyes and nose with your hands without washing them first.  

Tissues should be used to cover your mouth while coughing or sneezing. Once done, the used tissue should be disposed off properly and should be thrown away in a garbage can. At the same time, avoid meeting people who are sick and if you are unwell then restrict yourself to your home. This way you save others from getting swine virus. 

What Can We Do To Get Rid Of Swine Virus? 

Governments in various countries have advised the citizens to avoid traveling to places that have been affected by the swine virus. At the same time, the international passengers are being scanned for this virus when they enter the country.  

To protect yourself from the swine virus, you must not ignore any of the symptoms related to the swine influenza. If you are facing symptoms like dizziness, vomiting, sneezing, coughing or lethargy then it is best to contact a good physician and get yourself checked for swine flu. After all- precaution is better than cure.