Viral fever is one of the common diseases which are found and faced everywhere in the world. It is a wide gamut of situations where viral infections are related with elevation of temperature of body. This condition consists of various viral infections. Some of the situations of viral fever can be recognized easily. Normally, viral fever displays general symptoms but sometimes it affects particular body parts. Viral fever can affect all age group of people. Generally, indicative treatment is enough to recover from the fever. But sometimes because of improper treatment and care it can be dangerous for the health and life of the patients.

The main reason behind viral fever is inhalation of aerosolized elements. Infected and dirty water or food can cause viral infection. This infection affects the blood stream. In some cases, infections are passed on sexually. The time period of primary infection can be different for various people. Sometimes, people can recover from viral infection and fever in some days but some others require more time. If an individual does not get appropriate treatment then he or she may get affected with persistent infection. Viral infection can also be spread because of some insects.
You can easily identify the viral fever with its symptoms. Prodromal phase of fatigue and depression are the common symptoms of the viral fever. Muscle pain and headache is also an important sign that shows the initial stage of infection. Viral fever can also be identified with running nose, cough or cold. Apart from this, some people experience redness in eyes and skin rashes. Sometimes, patient feels swelling in lymph glands. The symptoms of viral fever depend on different levels and grades of fever. Vomiting and diarrhea are also some impotent signs of viral fever.
Generally, antipyretic and analgesic drugs are used as treatments of viral fever. Mostly doctors advise complete bed rest to the patient. In normal cases, there is no need of any special therapy. Nasal decongestant is also preferred by the doctors as a treatment. If an individual is suffering from high level of infection then doctors prescribe antibiotics to the patients. Antibiotics are not recommended in normal conditions. Most of the viral fevers are recovered in a week. It is advisable here that one should follow all the prescription of the doctors so that he/she can avoid the chances of facing super infection.
It is very difficult to prevent viral fever. So, appropriate and complete treatment can only help you to recover from the disease.