Till date, there are actually 8,883 cases which have been confirmed of H1N1 swine flu virus in Canada alone with about 36 deaths from the disease. The World Health Organization has advised using the swine flu facemasks in order to lower down the risk of getting dangerous influenza from the infected people.090428-Swine-Flu-mask-hmed-5p.hmedium

Influenza or flu is basically the lung illness. There are two ways to have this influenza- by aspirating virus when the patient coughs or sneezes or even by touching one’s face with contaminated hands. In case you think that avoiding meeting the sick person can keep you all safe, it is completely wrong. You might not at first acknowledge the person is suffering from swine flu in the first seven days. So, before you get to know that a person is facing swine flu infection, you might have been infected as well at school, work or home.

In case you are planning to wear the swine flu mask to safeguard yourself from inhalation of virus caused due to someone else’s infected body through coughing or sneezing, you should wear the surgeon mask or the very popular N95 respirator. This ‘95’ means that your respirator or facemask filters about 95 percent of particles that you are looking forward to avoid at all cost.

The entire though about this swine flu protection mask is to build a kind of barrier between the surroundings and your own body. The typical mask does not seem to be really effective to filter whatever you breathe in and might not actually save you from virus available in free air. But the mask can prove to be effective to block the virus while you sneeze, cough or exhale. One should also consider that using the facemask while not getting attacked by the virus can also help to prevent virus from further spreading.