Mascara serves to one among the necessary parts of one’s eye makeup that is generally used after the eyeliner and shadow have been applied. One can apply the mascara on eyelashes to have a fuller and pronounced look. The mascara needs to be applied with great expertise or all the efforts might go in vain. In case you are a bit conversant with application of eye makeup, you can use mascara from one end to another of your eyelashes. But in case you are a beginner to use mascara, it is better to learn and be an expert in the tricks of using it.

One needs to be extra careful to note that not even a single bit of this cosmetic product enters your eyes. Mascara can be really harmful for eyes and if in case it enters your eyes, it is better to rinse off the eyes thoroughly with plain water. Take proper time to choose the best mascara for your eyes. In case you are born with super light and short eyelashes, better opt for a darker shade and thickening mascara that can work wonders. If you are possessed with dark and long lashes, simply go with the ordinary mascara. Curling the short length eyelashes can actually cause them to have an even shorter appearance. So, take due care while opting to curl or not.mascara

To have that ravishing look, start at base of your lashes and then carefully move your mascara brush through to ends. Then allow the lashes to dry before you apply that second layer of mascara. Mascara is really useful to the look and there are many ways to ensure that you select the best one. Tips worth remembering are to choose the natural shade mascara that goes well with your hair color. This in turn allows the mascara to offer a natural look.