Skin tags are small skin tumor or growth that grows on the normal skin. These tags are attached to skin by tissues known as peduncles or stalks and are generally few millimeters thick. An interesting point to note about these tags is that they can have same color as the skin and can be slightly pigmented in some cases. The tags are commonly found on armpits, under breasts, genital areas, groin, neck and the under skin folds in which abrasion occurs frequently.

It is good to note that these tags are not dangerous in any way. They are fully benign bits of skin which doesn’t even cause any sort of irritation. But if they are twisted, like the normal skin, they can cause pain and discomfort. The tags can also offer pain if they are rubbed by jewelry items or rough clothing.

One of the popular methods for skin tag removal is to use a piece of dental floss. The method functions by famishing it of blood that further allows it to fall off and die. The floss method will take a few days and you cannot even enjoy instant results but this way of removing skin tags is less painful than the cutting method.

But those who select to get their tags removed by professional dermatologist are offered with different options of removing skin tags. These days, most people opt for either the cryosurgery or laser skin tag removal techniques. Cryosurgery is the freezing skin tags using liquid nitrogen. In this method, the blood supply to tags is cut off thereby causing them to die. This treatment is safe and quicker with no risks. The medical professional may remove the tags by cutting them off with the help of scissors and then burning the cells at wound with electrically heated metal.

This treatment includes local anesthesia and is even preferred by various patients because it staunches bleeding from the tag. Various cosmetic surgeons use the laser technique as well to get rid of skin tags. So an individual suffering from tags is featured with a number of treatment options to choose from.

Apart from the flossing method, another technique that can be done at home and which is less painful is that of using castor oil and baking soda. With these ingredients, you can make a concoction through mixing these together until they make a gooey paste. Then, you need to apply the paste about three times a day on your skin tags. This way, your tags will dry up and fall off within a time span of two weeks.

So now when you know the skin tag removal techniques wait no more and say goodbye to the ugly looking skin tags.