When enjoying those citrus and juicy fruits, have you ever wondered what their importance is? Probably not, because that’s out of a sense question, but if you are reading this piece of writing then definitely you were looking for benefits of citrus fruits. All kinds of fruits are nutritious and do some good for our health. However citrus fruits have their own importance and provide many distinguishing benefits. Fruits like lemon, grapes, orange and lime are rich in nutrients which benefit the immunity of the body as well as boost energy levels. Phyto chemicals which are present in these fruits help in dealing with many chronic body diseases. But let’s take a deep look at the power and worth of citrus fruits.

Benefits of citrus fruitscitrus fruits

Body weight management

The citrus fruits work remarkably well when it comes to keeping a check on body weight. These fruits are also included in almost every weight loss diet plan. They have very low calories and high dietary fibers which are needed for proper metabolism and digestion. Pectin- a dietary fiber which citrus fruits are rich in, slows down the absorption and food digestion which in turn helps in avoiding frequent meals.

Immunity enhancers

All citrus fruits have high amount of vitamin C which is important for the body’s immune system. Vitamin C easily dissolves in water and helps in absorption of calcium in the body thereby benefiting the immune system.

One word about citrus fruits that need attention is Furanocoumarin, which is found in some of them. This chemical can interfere with the working of certain medications increasing toxic amount in body. So better take consultation from your doctor when eating these fruits if you are on any kind of specialized medication.

Primary Phytochemicals Source

Obesity, diabetes, cancer and heart disease are some major ailments which are benefited from the increased amount of phytochemicals in body. A flavonoid found in citrus fruits called Hesperidin is found to lower down blood pressure problems and tumor growth, thereby improving cholesterol levels. Naringin, an antioxidant flavonoid found in grapefruit helps in burning fat accumulated in the body. Also it helps in protecting body against free radical ill effects working with Hesperidin.

Source of Folate

Citrus fruits are the major source of folate or folic acid which helps in many life processes in the body. It helps achieve healthy metabolism, cellular growth, red blood cell production and DNA synthesis in the body.

Source of Potassium

Potassium is obtained from citrus fruits mainly. It is very important for balancing electrolytes in the body and other fluids. This is important for effective electrical signal transferring in the body, thus improving reflexes and functioning of kidneys, heart, nerves and muscles. Proper levels of potassium also help in avoiding problems like heart attack, stroke and high blood pressure.

Not just as a supplementing food item but as a main diet ingredient, citrus fruits should be included in your daily diet. They are very important source of many vital minerals and nutrients, thus playing a crucial role in healthy body development and growth.