Just two weeks ago, the very term “swine flu” entered into our minds and uttered on our lips. The reports say that the toll of virus has actually affected Mexico; it is indeed every part of the world that is conscious and fearful of the flu. while many media reports, medical officials and noted personalities like Barrack Obama say that there is actually no predominant cause for panicking in United States till now, most people cannot just help but being concerned. After all, the swine flu which is commonly found in pigs is even rare in the humans. Not since the year 1976, when there was the outbreak in the Fort Dix infecting approximately 200 people and causing death, health issue is now a primary concern for most people. The rapid development and spread of swine flu in Mexico has actually awakened the consciousness of people in other parts of the globe as well to take due care and protection to keep this swine flu at bay.


As per the Centers for Disease Control, the swine flu is a form of respiratory illness of the pigs that is caused by the Type A viruses that can even cause human influenza. Like the human flu, the swine flu is mostly seasonal as well with its primary outbreaks taking place in the late fall or winter time. Both the swine and human flu share some symptoms like cough, body aches, sore throat, fever, chills, fatigue and headache. In some instances, the swine flu can even cause vomiting and acute diarrhea. It can also be worse due to the underlying chronic health conditions.

So, it is better to keep oneself aware of the history, symptoms, cure and other related facts of swine flu to keep thisseasonal infection at bay from yourself and your family.