What are piles?

Piles, also known as hemorrhoids, are inflammations of the rectal area which can occur due to varicosity of the veins near the area.

What causes piles?

The formation of piles takes place due to many reasons. Some include a prolonged constipation problem.Sometimes the cause is pregnancy (in this case it usually gets healed up after the childbirth). Piles also takes place when once suffers from constant cough and sneezing as this puts pressure on the rectal muscles.

The development of piles occurs in three stages:

(i) In this case the hemorrhoids are apparent outside the body, especially when trying to pass stools. They go back inside the body when the person gets up.

(ii) This is the second stage where the piles become a little prolonged, and thus they do not go inside the rectum automatically, but will go in, after they are depressed.

(iii) In the third stage, the piles do not go in the body even if they are pressed inwards. After this stage, the piles can convert into bleeding piles.

One might prefer ayurvedic cures for piles or homeopathic but I prefer the homemade remedies for piles. It’s been ages since this problem has been detected and thus we have many remedies passed on to us. Below I am giving a few solutions which can help one cure piles without going to the doctors.

Add some black mustard in a bowlful of yogurt. If possible grind the mustard to a powder beforehand and blend this mixture thoroughly. Eat this yogurt by chewing the mustard in it very carefully. Drink a glassful of buttermilk after this. This is a good remedy to treat the piles in a very short time. This is one of the best home remedies for piles or hemorrhoids

Prepare some buttermilk from cow’s milk. Add some peppercorns, ginger and rock salt. Drink this twice a day. This reduces the pains of the piles and helps in treating them on an urgent basis.

Mixing white radish juice with honey and applying them directly on the affected areas provides immediate relief from piles pain and helps in the treatment too.

If the pain of the piles is excruciating, then a short term remedy is to apply some coconut oil on the affected parts. It brings a soothing effect to the piles in a very short time, but it cannot treat the piles permanently.

Along with this one has to pay attention to the eating habits and has to avoid the foods which encourage constipations. Eat plenty of vegetables and drink plenty of fluids.