Treadmills are a very great way to stay in a perfect shape. They are great ways to indulge in exercises and you have no reason to make any excuse. They are also innovative exercise equipment and do not make you feel bored. If you are not very fond of working out, then treadmills are a great way of doing so. Watch your beloved episode of any TV show like Oprah while you sweat calories on the equipment.



You can get the body that you have always desired with the help of a home treadmill. The time will fleet by and you will not even notice spending time on an exercise equipment. These days’ treadmills are also equipped with a magazine rack. Go through the pages of the cosmopolitan while running on the equipment.


The best part about treadmill is that it gives you an opportunity to do versatile workouts. One can do a slow jog followed by a power walk. The slow jog on the system prepares your body and warms it up. Even hand weights can be used for a complete body exercise. Apart from it, there are a countless number of combinations that can be adapted for a treadmill workout. Most of the treadmills today have stored workouts in them as programs in which there is an established incline and speed. One can also store the own workouts in the system with controlled treadmill slopes and speeds.



In a 3 year study carried out by the Stanford’s Graduate School of Business university states that consumers are actually paying an exorbitant fees for the gym. This happens because the most of the members are not able to visit the gym many times during the month. But with the home gym there is always regularity in the workouts. Even there is no limitation on the time and the frequency of workout unlike in a gym. With a treadmill at home, you are in keep control of your workouts. One can also divide your heavy intensity workouts into mini-workouts and burn a lot of calories. With a treadmill, you can exercise at any time of the day that you desire. The calories can be burned in the morning or after the lunch or before the dinner. The gym also might not be opened at all the days of the year for doing some exercises.



Although the treadmill has been in vogue for a long time for providing heavy intensity calorie burnouts, it can cause some injuries also like the orthopedic injury. But the elliptical trainer does not succumb a user to these kinds of injuries because it nullifies the impact of all the stress reactions. It reduces all the forces produced when our knees are running against gravity on the treadmill. That is why the elliptical trainers are recommended for use of the elderly who cannot exert themselves on the treadmill. Treadmills exert a heavy pressure on the knee bones, making them inapt for use by all age groups. Elliptical are a great way to lose weight because they allow you to burn calories almost two times faster than other machines.