Eyes is one of the most delicate and sensitive organs of our body. Without eyes life will be helpless and hopeless and one will end up saying “Every closed eye is not sleeping, and every open eye is not seeing.” The technology today is so vast that one can not think his life without computers, laptops, electronic gadgets etc. All these gives lots of stress to our eyes as one have to work for hours to complete one’s work. Today the young generation is so advanced that even if you want to buy something they search on the internet for the product. eeye-main_Full

The music mania in young generation is speeding with time and they all do it from internet. So it’s obvious that all this can only be done when one has a computer at home and is spending time on it, loads of time but the thing one does not bother is to watch out for their eyes. Protection of eyes is necessary, now you may think that everybody knows about it but one thing no one realizes is that not taking appropriate care of your eyes can lead you to severe eye diseases as said by the recent medical studies, not only leading to poor vision but also causing problems like cataract. So here we present you with some tips to take precautions while you are using your computers.

The foremost thing you should do is that to buy an external screen which does not allow you to have a direct contact with the computer screen. This helps your eyes to be less stressful. The other thing you can do is to buy new technology plasma screens i.e. pc suite and you will get them in reasonable rates. If you can not pursue the above said then the other thing you can do is to keep maximum distance from the computer screen. The technology is so advance that you can set an eye range in your computer screen which lets you know and sends you an alarm when you are coming too close to the computer screen. The other thing you can do is that when you are finished doing your computer work, wash your eyes thoroughly and keep your eyes closed for sometime. This helps your eye muscles to relax. The best way is to spend minimum hours on computer but if you can’t then you should take the above said precautions for your own good.