Every summer, a large number of people spend most of their time out under the scorching rays of the sun and that too without taking many steps to safeguard skin. Our skin is more susceptible to destruction and delicate than we may ever realize. While some damage is actually visible, other damage takes place in deep layers of the dermis. Fortunately, there are a few tips for summer skin care that can be adopted to have ravishing glowing smooth skin in the summer season.  



The first tip for smooth skin in summers is to use sunscreens. While each brand of the sunscreen is available with SPF on their packaging, most individuals not actually realize the truth behind this SPF number. In fact, SPF is the measure of safety from the UVB rays. The UVA rays are main cause of the premature aging in skin, long term cellular damage in dermis and wrinkles formation.  

Also it is good to be at bay from smoking. Smoking leads to premature aging. This is mainly as a result of depletion of the oxygen and lowered blood circulation to the skin. When the blood circulation reduces, it cannot deliver effective Vitamin A and nutrients thereby making the skin look supple. The skin shed dead cells very instantly. If these dead cells dropped to ground, they would not offer any hassle. But the skin cells often start to clog the skin pores. Not just can this cause the skin to have dull appearance, it can even trap sebum which generally secretes from the pores. In case the sebum is all trapped deep inside the pores, one might see blackheads and other related skin conditions develop. It is better to exfoliate few times every week in order to avoid dead skin cells creating a hassle. Also, using the moisturizer as per the type of one’s skin is great tip to have good skin in summer time.