The habit of smoking can be prove to be tough to give up but with foolproof and proper planning, you can learn best ways to overcome this problem and lead a healthy life ahead. If you are one of those who wish to quit smoking or wish to start turning your life into a smoke free and healthier one, take note of tips on how to stop smoking.

Health risks- understand them

Understand health risks associated with smoking. This will help to realize the negative effects that smoking brings in one’s life and this will in turn motivate you to stop smoking.

How to Stop Smoking

Try chewing gum, candies

Carry something with you which you can put in mouth while feeling the need to smoke. This can be something like chewing gum or candy.

Others who wish to quit smoking as well

Find some partner who wishes to stop smoking as well. In case you find someone sharing same goals like yours, you can have one more motivation factor to help you reach towards your goals.

Know the benefits of not smoking

Pen down the benefits that can you can enjoy with stopping smoking like reduced threat of heart attacks, strokes and cancer, better smelling clothes, breath, house, hair, more stamina while exercising or walking, less cold and cough, more money saving. Keep this penned down list with you at all times and go through it on a regular basis.

Use an exercise regime

Find some nice exercising program. If one of the triggers for your smoking is being alone or boredom, find some good exercise program that cannot just make you busy but will freshen and revitalize you as well. With more energy, you will wish not to smoke again and feel drowsy or weary. Exercise is thus one of the greatest ways to be in good shape and to help quit smoking as well.

Now you know the top tips on how to stop smoking, just go ahead and start your plan now.