Breast cancer is a sort of medical syndrome that originates from breast tissue, mostly from the inner lining of milk ducts or lobules. Ducts related breast cancer is known as ductal carcinomas and that with lobules is called lobular carcinomas.

Earlier symptoms of breast cancer usually start with a lump that seems different from other breast tissues. In most cases of breast cancer, the sign of lump on the breast signals onset of breast cancer. Further, lump in the breast or armpit is also classical sign of breast cancer. Lump is not only the sign of breast cancer. There are also other symptoms that signal onset of breast cancer.

Breast Cancer

The symptoms of breast cancer, apart from lump may include changes in the size or shape of breast. Further, patient can also feel symptoms like skin dimpling or puckering, inverted nipple, or impulsive single-nipple expulsion. Painful sensation is not determining factor of symptoms of breast cancer, but may be sign of other breast health issues. Inflammatory breast cancer is the worst of sign of breast cancer. Symptoms may include inflammation on breast, pain, inverted nipple, swelling, redness lining all over the breast.

Another complex nature of breast cancer is Paget’s disease of the breast. As it advances, the patient feels following symptoms like tingling, itching, augmented sensitivity, burning sensation, and pain. The sign of lump in the breast carries with Paget’s. Other common breast disorder syndromes are mastitis and fibroadenoma. As per the metastatic breast cancer, the symptoms depend upon location of metastatic such as bone, liver, lung and brain.

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