Bleeding gums may cause a huge amount of discomfort– both mentally as well as physically. There may be different causes behind gums bleeding. Periodontal disease can be one of them. It is actually the bacterial infection which causes real inflammation as well as bleeding in the gums. In case plaque is permitted to build up below gum line and make its irritated, it is surely the periodontal or gum disease that you are suffering from. In case this problem is not treated soon, it can advance and cause severe tooth loss.r244909_998818

Flossing and brushing really vigorously is another cause behind bleeding of gums. The rough action of flossing and brushing can irritate and damage the sensitive tissues of the mouth thereby making the gums to bleed severely. In case this bleeding continues for long, visit the dentist. But, bleeding gums can also prove to be a sign of gum disease. Flossing or brushing too hard make the strong gum tissue bleed.

Also, the gum tissue includes the hormone receptors. Very high percentage of some hormones may cause some fluids increase in the gum tissue or gingival thus making the gums red in color, swollen and tender. These symptoms eventually disappear when hormone levels become normal again. Even chewing tobacco and smoking can contribute in development of tartar on teeth.

In addition, the autoimmune disorders serve to be the conditions in which one’s immune system attacks the cells thereby causing destruction of the tissue. The systemic lupus erythematosus, rheumatoid arthritis and hashimoto’s Thyroiditis are some of the auto immune problems that can result in bleeding gums. What is surprising to note is that the oral contraceptives, nasal sprays, anticoagulants and antidepressants can cause some gums to bleed. So, it is better to talk to the dentist before buying any type of oral medication.