Menstruation is the blood vessels in endometrium which peel and eventually come out. Luteinizing hormone and estrogen are the sex hormones which cause menstruation and ovulation in women. One menstruation cycle is 28 days and menstrual period take 3 to 7 days. The period color can be red or even dark red. Many women bodies have several misunderstanding about color of blood which comes out while the menstruation period. Dark color of the blood is not the bad or inoperative blood. But, it causes from blood that get stuck in the ovary for extended time span and reacts with the oxygen in air to make the blood color darker.article-1035039-01F2BC8C00000578-82_468x338

During the menstruation period, the estrogen will reduce to lower level and the prostaglandins secretion and cause various symptoms like vomiting, headache, influenza, nausea, diarrhea, hot flush or stomach pain. These symptoms may be very high at 1st to 3rd day. About ten percent of the ladies have serious pain and irritation while working for long hours. Taking hot water bottle can relieve the pain to an extent. Also, massaging the stomach gently can pasting hot pack on the stomach can offer great results. Take time for relaxing and go to bed at regular time without working to hard. Even more, take proper care of the hygiene by changing your sanitary napkins at least thrice a day. Select the pH balanced products for your sex organ.

Even taking supplements can be fruitful to get rid of menstrual pain. Supplements like Vitamin B complex, calcium, folic acid and magnesium can be helpful. Also, consume vegetable containing the vitamins. There are some herbal medicines as well like ginseng that balance your hormones and make you feel a bit better during the menstrual time. In short, taking low fat foods, reducing the intake of meat, sugary foods can also help a lot.