Have you brushed the hair just to see that a stringy clump of hair on the brush? Have you also tried creating a hair style that does not look as good as you wished for due to your poor looking split ends? It is very important to use a good quality and natural shampoo and conditioner on a regular basis to remove the unwanted sebum and dandruff that help to build up the particle. Using the fingertips to massage the scalp gently allows the pores to have circulation before shampooing. One should even be mindful to not scratch the scalp with fingernails as this irritates the scalp and causes deep cuts.hair-split-ends

Split ends are generally caused as a result of using excessive hot styling instruments, over brushing, use of very cheap styling tools, perming, prolonged ultraviolet rays exposure, brushing the wet hair, lack of proper hair maintenance and towel drying. There are indeed some useful tips to avoid hair split ends including:

Avoiding using the hot irons or curlers often

Washing the hair using good shampoo with required moisturizer and nourishment

Trimming the hair once in about 6 weeks

Not using the hard pincers to tie the hair

Keeping the scalp well conditioned and clean

Using the cotton towel over one’s pillow in order to make the friction less

Using the synthetic pillows and cover hair with blanket or duvet

Nourishing the scalp with finger tips massage or going for a regular hair cut

Choosing branded products like highlighting and coloring shades

Apart from the above mentioned tips to get rid of hair split ends, one can also take a balanced diet of vegetables, fruits, calcium and protein. Using the hairbrush with wide soft bristles is another great remedy to stop split end occurrence. The detangled hair strands needs to be brushed using a wide teethed comb.