A large number of people face the problem of unpleasant signs and symptoms from stomach such as bloating, inflated stomach, pain, constipation, cramps, acid eructation and diarrhea. Suck type of symptoms often originates from colon that is dysfunctional and becomes poor due to lifestyle habits. There are some sure shot ways or tips to get rid of the stomach pain and irritating symptoms.stomach-cramp

Some spices or herbs can contribute in making the intestines work more effectively like the sienna, ginger, peppermint, cayenne and buckthorn bark. But, too much of these spices can make your intestines irritate. Also, a cup or two of tea and coffee every day can make the stomach work in effective manner but huge amounts of beverages can give the stomach some health problems. Consume the food that has high fiber content. The fibers from food stimulate movement of intestines and the colon, helping to avoid the stuffed bowel. The unrefined or whole cereals, vegetables, fruits and whole corn bread can give the fiber content you require. To have more amount of fiber, you can have some bran in the daily diet.

In case you have problems like constipation or hard stools, it is better to take couple tablespoons linen seeds. Suspend these seeds in water and let them lie in water for some hours before you stir up the glass content and drink it. You may even blend the bran with linen seeds in water to avail the benefits of both remedies at the very same time. Last but not least, take some products that contain bacteria to help your digestion process. A good healthy colon includes bacteria helping to complete the ending process of digestion. Yoghourt and other fermented milk items can offer the colon with proper seeds for bacteria. In case you do not wish to consume milk or the colonic microbial content requires extra attention, you can consume the products that include huge supply of the bacteria seeds.