Kidney is one of the most imperative body organs of human body. It is very important to keep this vital part of body healthy. Unfortunately, when a person has to deal with disorder like kidney stone, apart from medical treatment, the patient should follow some dons and don’ts techniques to keep the kidney stone at bay. They are the health methods of keeping kidney stone from aggravating. Followings are some dons and don’ts techniques for kidney stone….


Water is very essential to prevent the onset of kidney stone. Understandably, you should consume as much water as you can on daily basis to check on the kidney stone. Additionally, you should eat raw fruits and vegetables which contain watery fluids that would supplement loss of water in body.

If  you take protein either in tablet or food, reduce it for the sake of kidney stone. Junk foods like dairy products should immediately be stopped to consume. And lastly, you should keep on doing exercise regularly.


Make sure that the quantity of salt or sugar in your food intake. Make sure that the quantity doesn’t cross the required level. Consume carbonated drink and soda. Overlook the doctor’s advice regarding kidney stone. Ignore the initial painful experience. Show affection on natural and alternative medication that could possibly aggravate your condition. Ignore the disease and make yourself vulnerable to it due to lack of caution.

With such do’s and don’ts, you can at least keep your kidney stone under moderate level.